What are Obeah Spells?

In your search for different kinds of magick, you might have come across something called Obeah. Strange term, isn’t it? But its concept is not so foreign at all. In fact, Obeah has been around for centuries and is deeply rooted in African tradition and history.

Origins of Obeah

So, just what is Obeah? Obeah is a spiritual belief system that arose when Africans were taken as slaves to the Caribbean. The word was first used in Jamaica to refer to an Akan woman called Nanny of the Maroons who helped fight against the British in the 1730s. After a rebellion in the 1760s, laws were passed against those who practiced Obeah.

There is still no consensus on what the word ‘obeah’ actually means. Historically, it has been used to describe Obeah people as being evil or engaging in dark magick. It is still practiced today.

Is Obeah Good or Evil?

While Obeah practitioners tend to get painted as ‘evil’ by those who do not adhere to it, Obeah is neither good or evil; those terms are simply relative. Obeah has the power to do wonderful and terrible things, and it is all based on the user’s intentions.

How Do Obeah Spells Work?

Obeah spells rely on the magick generated by African ancestors, operating on a quantum level. It transcends both time and space. It also deeply involves the human psyche, as it works upon the conscious self. Essentially, it has a threefold effect as it impacts the body, mind, and spirit of the individual who practices Obeah.

Spells and rituals vary depending on what the caster intends. Love spells are particularly well-used in Obeah and have been for several hundred years. There are Obeah spells that are meant to help you find your true love and heal from a broken relationship.

Other spells and rituals include hexes, removal of hexes, money spells, and healing spells. You can find many of these spells online, but first, you should immerse yourself in studying Obeah and find the right master to conduct your initiation.

Obeah has a long history in Caribbean culture, and it is still illegal in Jamaica. However, this law could soon be overturned. Obeah is all about the energy and will you put into it, and Obeah rituals always have a specific purpose to them. Using them requires time spent learning and becoming initiated into Obeah. Before you go off casting spells like you’re Harry Potter, make sure you have spent enough time trying to learn and perfect the spells you want to use.