How A Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty Can Provide Amazing Results

The nose plays a fundamental role in facial aesthetics, since as the focal point of the face, even the smallest changes in it often bring about dramatic improvements. This is why non-surgical rhinoplasty is a simple solution, which when performed correctly can generate wonderful results. At you will be able to have all the necessary information, advice and other options about this type of process, so you can make the best choice.

Generally, the expert person in charge of performing these procedures, uses dermal fillers to align the nose, diminish or remove a dorsal protuberance, give volume and projection to the flat nose, as well as to treat imperfections after injury or surgery.

In this procedure, injectables such as Juvederm, Restylane or any of the many hyaluronic acids are used to fill in areas of the nose, helping it to appear less prominent, as well as to conceal irregularities and curvatures. For example, meticulously placed filler injections can fill in the area around the bump, giving the illusion of a straight nose.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty is an excellent option for those who have had a rhinoplasty and have some post-operative irregularity, but do not wish to undergo further surgery with a scalpel. It is also recommended for those who are considering surgery and would like to see how they will look without compromise. Although this process is not recommended for those patients with extremely protruding noses they are not good candidates, because the filling will cause this organ to look bigger. In those cases, traditional surgical rhinoplasty would be the best alternative.

Unlike a surgical procedure, the results are only temporary, usually lasting from six months to a year. They are generally less expensive than a rhinoplasty and a temporary solution to smooth out bumps and bulges in the nose.

It must be made clear that this type of intervention does not alter the structure of the nose, so it’s advisable to have this process done for minor changes. Being the perfect candidate to improve your nose in case of small bumps, a slight asymmetry, among others, or maybe to try a new look before undergoing a rhinoplasty.

As with any operation, there are risks associated with it if it is not performed by a suitable specialist. When they are injected by people who do not understand the anatomy, there is a great risk of not knowing how to act before the possible complications that may arise at a given time. For this reason, if you want to verify and know more about this type of intervention it is best to go to the best experts,