Things to Remember When Finding Storage Units

Whether you are remodeling, relocating or you just need to downsize without parting with some of your cherished possessions, Storage units are often the perfect solution. Ideally, they are safe, secure and conveniently located in or near Chicago. Following some additional suggestions can ensure that you have chosen the right unit.

Location should be one of your top priorities. Even if the cost is a bit higher, choose a place that is within easy driving distance of your home or work. Also, be mindful of the features of the site itself. If it seems to be on low ground that is prone to flooding or is surrounded by poorly maintained, large trees that could fall during a storm, keep searching for Chicago Storage units.

It’s fine to do some of your research online, but avoid signing a lease sight unseen. It’s always better to get a feel for the place by making a personal visit.

The safety and security of the facility is another crucial factor. There should be sufficient staff to watch over the place as well as cameras in the storage and parking areas. Try to visit when it’s dark to make sure everything is well-lit.

The facility should also be secure in terms of entry. To that end, it should be gated and equipped with a system that guarantees that only paying customers to have access.

Depending on what you want to store, you may need Storage units that are climate-controlled. Ask if the facility has any of these and if any are available for lease.

Before putting any money down, check with the facility’s management about the hours. Some places have 24-hour access, but not all do. Others are only available to customers during regular business hours.

Finally, remember that you are paying for space. If you don’t have that much to store, you will not need the largest unit. Talk to the facility’s staff about what you want to store, and they may be able to estimate the proper size. Get a rough idea by spreading out your items in your garage or basement to see how much room they occupy.

Renting a storage unit can add a burden to your budget. That’s why it’s important to make the most of the money you spend. The extra time you take in careful research will benefit you in the end.