Benefits of Using SMS Marketing

Thanks to the improvement of technology, SMS marketing has improved business to a large extent worldwide in promoting their products and services. They are very active, direct and personal as a marketing tool to help businesses these days. Almost ninety percent of the population in every country owns a cell phone, and most look at the phones more than what they would through other modes and means of communication, such as emails and faxes. So why not send SMS online and get the best results in the bargain? With such facts and the acceptance by consumers of using the application to make it stronger than voice messages, businesses across the world are now cashing in on using the power of SMS.

There are various reasons why SMS marketing could be beneficial to you;

1. You don’t have to pay a significant amount or a cough up a fortune to send mails, advertise or to market your products.

2. It is a known fact that the typical man would read their text messages, whereas spam and junk mails find no eyes to capture.

3. When you send SMS online, an action is taken by the customer immediately.

4. If there is a product which is new and needs promotion in the market, SMS’s work wonders.

5. The use of SMS marketing also allows folks to respond to two-way communication, for that you would need to enable two-way messaging when sending out your messages to the public.

6. Customers who are genuinely interested and willing to try or buy your products and services would be calling you, no fake and time wasting customers around.

7. You get to built a list of loyal clients and retain them for a long time to come. An expert marketer, Mark, with Textedly shares with us, “You could use short codes for SMS marketing and advertising, say experts. Short codes are used in abundance these days, especially for radio, TV, and print. They help get you direct responses from the public and since the number is short, which is not a ten digit number but five. Customers can remember it easily and get back to you with their needs. Fill out small surveys and engage with your company.” As according to Mark, shortcodes are recommended any day over the other ways of messaging. But there is another way to send SMS online, and that would be by signing up with a reputed SMS provider.

When you sign up with an SMS provider of repute, they will allow you to use awed based interface or even an email for you to send out bulk smses to the public. This is very cheap and easy for you to understand and use and you wouldn’t need a shortcode as well when planning to use SMS marketing to help your marketing needs.

All you need is a virtual account number and once that is activated, you can send SMS’s and receive responses for the same as well. Reputed SMS providers wouldn’t take long to set up an account for you and to give you a running campaign. It shouldn’t take more than 48 hours to do so, and if you are looking for SMS marketing legislations, which is people shouldn’t be bothered and harassed with your messages, the SMS provider of repute wouldn’t allow your messages to go to anyone who has registered on the Do Not Call list.